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Westside Beltline

About the Project

For the Westside Beltline, we observed the existing concrete structures along the trail to determine the feasibility of their reuse and to provide repair recommendations, including a concrete arch bridge and existing concrete bridge abutments. During our observations we walked the corridor, documenting the structures and taking measurements and photos. We then produced a compiled report of our findings. Ultimately, we recommended that the existing bridge abutments not be reused, and new prefabricated steel bridges (designed by others) be used to span past the existing abutments to new abutments (designed by us) beyond, which are supported on helical piles so that they do not impart additional loads on the existing abutments.

For the Jones Avenue portion of the trail, we provided an assessment and modification of an existing rail bridge constructed with built up steel plate girders. We performed a survey to take measurements of the members and assess their current conditions and analyzed them for their capacity to carry pedestrian loads upon project completion as well as vehicular loads during construction. The construction documents include site walls surrounding the bridge, along with temporary improvements made to the bridge for use during construction, and permanent improvements to the bridge for use as a pedestrian trail.

Client: Kaizen Collaborative