Airport South Parkway

Provided openings in tilt-up concrete panels to accommodate new dock at warehouse.

Bluegrass Laboratory Renovation

Structural engineering and design for structural steel mechanical rooftop platform to support the expansion of laboratory facility in Atlanta. The expansion and renovation was to help Arch Chemicals to consolidate their Research & Development Department into this updated and renovated Laboratory facility.

Three Taverns Brewery

Stability Engineering provided foundation and interior framing plans & details for the 7000SF buildout of this Brewery in an existing pre-engineered metal building. Features of the structural design include the wall, ceiling, and floor framing of the tasting room and public gathering, as well as foundation pads and new floor slabs to bear the large brewery equipment within the space. Stability Engineering also provided details for supporting the existing roof beams to bear new hanging brewery equipment.

Food Processing Plant

One Friday, Stability Engineering received a phone call from a warehouse manager in a huge predicament at this 24-hour operational sugar packaging facility . One of their large hoppers, which hang from a bar joist superstructure and funnel large volumes of granulated sugar into packages, had been overloaded on the overnight shift and caused a localized failure of the bar joist top and bottom chords. The bar joist had buckled, causing the hopper to hang out of alignment and forcing a complete halt...

Georgia Power Water Outlet

25 foot high sheet pile retaining wall supported by opposing steel struts as a shoring wall for the construction of new water outlet structure for the Georgia Power McDonough coal fired electrical plant.

Perry Boulevard

Stability provided engineering to convert this truck maintenance facility into a combination warehouse with office space for a construction company. The building was structurally modified by adding a second story, and stiffening the walls, roof, foundations, and wall openings.

Rabun Gap Warehouse Renovation

Structural engineering and design for 1,000,000 square foot warehouse building built in phases over 50 years. The building was completely gutted exposing heavy timber, masonry, structural steel, precast and tilt-up construction. Dock doors, dock lifts, lateral bracing, roof top units, and retaining walls were added or modified.

Solar Panel Install

Assisted solar panel installer regarding installation of solar panels on existing flat roof structures (ballasted and anchored) and pier mounted panel installations with custom foundations.