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Structurally Speaking:
The Human Side of Structural Design with principal engineer Pierre Coiron

Behind every awe-inspiring architectural marvel, there is a team of dedicated structural engineers who blend their technical expertise with a deep understanding of human needs and aspirations. I’m talking with Pierre Coiron today about how our team goes beyond calculations and blueprints to create structures that truly resonate with people.

Shannon: Tell me a little about your design philosophy.

Pierre: Well, at the core I believe that structures should serve and enhance the lives of those who inhabit them. We prioritize listening to our clients, understanding their vision and empathizing with their unique challenges and aspirations.

Shannon: There seems to be a sweet spot where form meets function. How do you go about finding that?

Pierre:  So, we recognize that well designed structure goes beyond functionality; it should create a positive experience for its users. We carefully consider factors such as ergonomics, natural lighting, spatial flow and accessibility. Each space has the potential to promote well-being, productivity and a sense of belonging.

Shannon: You have a team of engineers as well as architects and contractors you work with that have to all be on the same page with each project. How do you make that happen?

Pierre: We can’t thrive without collaboration and effective communication. There has to be an inclusive environment where ideas are shared and perspectives are valued. We are constantly engaging in meaningful dialogues with architects, contractors, and stakeholders to make sure everyone’s expertise is leveraged to achieve the best possible outcome. For me and my team structural integrity is paramount to everything we do. However, we also understand that a visually pleasing environment is important.

Shannon:  Pierre, what else comes to your mind when considering the human side of a discipline that is mainly math and science?

Pierre: We have a commitment to extending our design work with sustainable and socially responsible practices. As much as possible we integrate principles of green design, energy efficiency, and environmentally conscious materials to minimize our projects’ impact on the planet.  It’s no surprise that much of our portfolio includes adaptive reuse and historic preservation projects. It doesn’t get more human than realizing the impact you have on the world one project at a time.

Structural design is not just about erecting structures. As a firm, we remain committed to putting people at the center of our designs, striving to make a positive impact through our empathetic approach and dedication to excellence.