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AIL Sound Barrier Walls

Stability Engineering is a proud partner and on-call structural consultant to AIL Sound Walls.AIL designs and manufactures sound barrier wall systems using proprietary PVC acoustic panels. These sound barrier wall systems can be seen along highways and industrial facilities to block noise pollution and transmission to neighboring sites (especially residential neighborhoods).  Stability provides consulting and engineering for project-specific design conditions throughout the United States, as well as consulting and engineering for testing and product development.The PVC acoustic panels are lightweight for ease of installation and are cost-efficient compared to more widely used precast concrete and sheet metal wall panels, as well as having a higher level of noise absorption.The panels are supported by steel posts at 8ft-16ft spacing, with the longer XL spans being recently developed and tested by AIL and implemented into designs by Stability.The longer XL spans allow for fewer posts/foundations, thus reducing both material and installation costs.To learn more about AIL Sound Walls, visit