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Mead Road

About the Project

New contemporary residence. The most interesting structural aspect of this project was accommodating the owner’s design, which included both interior and exterior exposed concrete walls. Our design consists of 4” exterior and 4” interior concrete, with 4” of rigid foam insulation sandwiched in the middle. The two layers of 4” concrete each have a rebar mat, and the foam insulation has strategically placed “punchouts” creating a structural 12” composite wall. A variety of formwork was used to create architecturally unique finishes on the concrete walls.

The interior framing for this project consists of solid sawn 2×12 and 2×10 lumber with steel beam girders. The steel beams span across the house creating an open floor plan and are left exposed for an industrial appearance. The combination of lumber framing, steel framing, and exterior concrete walls made this job an exciting structural design with many custom details.