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Georgia Hall, Warm Springs

About the Project

The Georgia Hall at Warm Springs was the first building to be constructed after Franklin D. Roosevelt purchased the property in 1927, partially through funds sent by citizens from all over Georgia. FDR then organized the nonprofit Warm Springs Foundation to run the hospital property and springs, which was the first and for many years the only facility in the world devoted solely to the treatment and cure of polio. We provided structural repair and design drawings to fully replace the old, damaged roof via a temporary scaffolding roof structure constructed over the entire building. This allowed the site to stay operational during construction and preserved the historic finishes below, while a gantry crane rigged to the scaffolding was used to remove the original roof members and install new roof trusses. During construction, we coordinated several site visits to ensure the new construction would minimize disruption to the original and historic structures. 

Architect: F.H. Paschen