Installation of Aileron in McCabe Park, Nashville TN. 3/20/2012

Specs.18′ tall 25′ wingspan 5200 pounds of iron and bronze, kinetic with one horizontal rotation.

Made it in Monday with no problems to my surprise, pulling the 8000 lb. load over the TN. mountains. Stretch a mentor and friend rode down on his harley 10 hrs from K.C. we caught up on news and talked about the good old days (almost 25 yrs. now).

Arrived on site Tuesday morning 7am with coffee in hand. Crane arrived 8am set up and we began to unload. The first leg was a 1000 pound piece to set, and the first piece to hold the rivet. The next leg weighed in at 1500 and the final leg was another 1000, after the blocking was supporting the base and it was secure the rivet was fired up with a custom built forge.

At his point the kids from the local elementary school were brought in and I was able to discuss Aileron, the process and metal working in general. They were a great group kids with lots of wonderful questions and some enthusiastic support during the beat down of the rivet.

After demonstrating the rivet that secures the base legs together we were able to stand it up and bolted down, at this point we were able to set the wing. The day had been generally calm with some wind gust but sure enough as we approached the top with the wing here comes the wind. It settled after a few minutes and with the help of a guide jig I was able to set the wing successfully.

The crowd applauded as the wind flew the 1750 pound wing aloft with ease, WOW! FINISHED!

Almost a year of my life, 7 months of construction, 4 – 5 hundred hours, this has been one of the most unbelievably memorable, challenging, and outright amazing projects I have ever taken on.

I have tooled my shop and my mind for what I believe is a grand start for a great future in monumental sculpture, enjoy.




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