Sculpture / Art


Installation of Aileron in McCabe Park, Nashville TN. Specs.18\' tall 25\' wingspan 5200 pounds of iron and bronze, kinetic with one horizontal rotation.

Airport Artglass

Structural engineering for over 400 feet of glass and steel panels located in the International Terminal at Hartsfield Jackson Airport. The glass and steel were modeled to determine stresses and failure modes.

Horn Section Steel Sculpture

35’ high Structural high kinetic steel sculpture located in Cleopas Johnson Playground in downtown Atlanta. Analysis of structural steel members and connections.


Structural engineering for the support of large-scale lighting sculpture titled Mammatus. The piece will be installed at the Arrivals Hall Terminal F of the new Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, GA. A secondary support system below the precast concrete roof system of Terminal F was designed and to support a sculpture prior to the sculpture design was would accommodate a wide range of weight and size.

Swarm and Hive, San Diego Airport Car Rental Center

Stability Engineering worked with artist Amy Landesberg on a two-part art project, Tail Light Swarm and Side Mirror Hives, at the new San Diego Airport Rental Car Center. The Tail Light Swarm consisted of mounting approximately 800 rear tail lights to the wall in order to mimic an insect swarm. Stability Engineering consulted on the tail light mounting brackets, the attachment method to the wall, and the creation of a secondary safety attachment...