Spanish Moss Trail Phases 4 and 6

Stability Engineering provided investigation, testing and analysis of existing railroad bridges to be reused for public recreational trail. The Spanish Moss Trail is a rails-to-trails greenway project which will eventually be 13.6 miles long; currently there are 3.3 miles complete, connecting the town of Port Royal to the city of Beaufort.

Phase 4 was designed in 2012 and was the first segment of Spanish Moss Trail to be built. Stability Engineering assessed the conditions of the timber trestle found it to be in good condition; no repairs to the timber piles or beams were required. 12 x 5 pre-cast concrete slabs were then installed to form the trail.

For phase 6, Stability Engineering assessed the condition of all 140 piles of this historic timber trestle over Alboghetti Creek. We then provided repair drawings, recommending replacement of some piles and rewrapping of others, as well as cross-bracing to stabilize the structure. Pre-cast 12’x5’ concrete slabs were then placed across the refurbished structure to form the trail.


Architect: Kaizen Collaborative, LLC:


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