Crabapple Mercantile Exchange

The Crabapple Mercantile Exchange is a mixed-use (office, retail, residential) complex in Milton, GA, and totaling approximately 140,000 sq. ft. The Town Center includes a new City Hall and City Library, as well as other city offices. Additional office, retail, and restaurant space exists below second floor residential condos.

Eclipse Post, Atlanta

Existing pre-engineered building infilled with new façade and 2nd floor to accommodate offices. Structural steel, light gauge metal and wood framed.

Grandview Avenue

Structural engineering for new opening and storefront at rear of building. A 40 foot section of CMU and brick veneer wall was shored and removed. The remaining block was reinforced with carbon fiber to resist lateral forces.

Lightroom, Decatur, GA

Structural design of modern, four story, wood framed office building with roof terrace. The building featured cantilever of driveway, balloon wall framing over post and beam and ‘open’ floor design.

Marietta Street

New 1000 square foot rooftop deck on existing, reinforced roof top for early 20th century building in downtown Atlanta.

Perry Boulevard

Stability provided engineering to convert this truck maintenance facility into a combination warehouse with office space for a construction company. The building was structurally modified by adding a second story, and stiffening the walls, roof, foundations, and wall openings.

Technology Park, Norcross

Two buildings, 24,000 SF each. Steel framed office space reviewed by Gwinnett County. Composite concrete/steel beams, steel brick support over 3 floors of storefront.

West College

Renovation, conversion and expansion of existing steel framed industrial manufacturing facility to office space. The new design had to include solutions for compromised steel columns, new footings, lateral force resisting system and tie-in to addition.