Lyons Farm House

Lyons Farm House is a historic structure located within the Arabia Mountain Heritage Area in DeKalb County, Georgia. Built in the 1820s, it is believed to be one of the oldest homesteads in DeKalb County. The home was built with stone foundation walls, wood framing, and brick chimneys, and is surrounded by multiple outbuildings including privy, barn, smokehouse, and sorghum mill. Currently the house is in very poor condition and continues to degrade.

Stability Engineering provided an inspection of the home’s interior and exterior structural damage and produced a report outlining the required repairs to minimally stabilize the structure and reduce further deterioration. At this point, the stated goal is not to make the structure habitable, but to prevent catastrophic failure. Multiple types of damage were observed relating to water exposure, moisture, insect infestation and other age related issues.


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