Bob EnglehartStability Engineering is pleased to announced the hiring of Bob Englehart as Project Engineer. Bob graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Kennesaw State University in 2013. During his time at Kennesaw, he was involved in the steel bridge competition for two years, one year as captain. Bob joined Stability in 2017 as a structural engineer. His primary role has been in single-family additions and rehabilitations of historic structures, as well as hotels and commercial projects. Prior to his time at Stability, Bob has over 10 years of experience as a carpenter/handyman, and worked as a project engineer in telecom and a structural detailer in a concrete formwork and shoring company. [August 2017]

Jordan Hunt, Stability EngineeringStability Engineering is pleased to announce the hiring of Jordan Hunt. Jordan graduated in 2017 from the Georgia Institute of Technology with Highest Honors and a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. During his time at Tech, he gained international experience studying at Georgia Tech-Lorraine in Metz, France as well as Delft University of Technology in Delft, Netherlands. He also spent two years as a cooperative student working as a structural engineering associate in the telecommunications field where he performed structural analyses on various types of steel telecommunications towers. During his time with Stability Engineering, Jordan has gained experience designing single- and multi-family residential structures and commercial structures as well as renovating existing structures using wood, masonry, concrete, and steel design. [August 2017]

Craig Hagler, Stability EngineeringStability Engineering welcomes Craig Hagler as a full-time staff member. Craig graduated from Kennesaw State University in the spring of 2017, with a degree in Civil Engineering. He served as an intern with Stability for his senior year of school, before joining the team full time after graduation. During his time with Stability Engineering, Craig has worked on many projects that have helped him to learn and grow as an engineer, including work with wood, masonry, concrete and steel members.  [July 2017]

Doug_RojasStability Engineering is pleased to announce the hiring of Douglas Rojas. Doug received his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in February 2015 from Andres Bello Catholic University in Venezuela, after an engineering internship at North Carolina State University. Before his start with Stability Engineering, Doug worked for Vepica Grupo Internacional working with industrial buildings. During his time at Stability, Douglas has provided structural design in concrete, steel, and wood commercial and residential projects, as well as inspection services.  [October 2017]

Dads Garage Award
Stability Engineering is proud to be a part of the team that renovated Dad’s Garage
, which won the 22nd Annual Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence.  For this project, Stability provided engineering to convert this 12,000 sf former church building into a… Read More  [December 2016]

 Fall Newsletter 2016

SE-2016 Spring Newsletter
Spring Newsletter 2016

JacobJeffcoatStability Engineering welcomes Jacob Jeffcoat to the team. Jacob graduated from Kennesaw State University in December 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. Before his start with Stability, he completed an internship in the construction/project management field. In addition to working for the company during his senior year, Jacob was an active member of the school’s ACI and ASCE chapters. During his time at Stability, Jacob has assisted with a variety of projects, and he is eager to continue developing his skills with the company. [January 2016]

Summer Newsletter 2015
Summer Newsletter 2015

Concrete core drillStability Engineering has acquired a concrete core drill, expanding our inventory of equipment and allowing us to better serve our clients by offering a wider range of investigation services. This water cooled drill allows us to penetrate 14-inch maximum thick concrete, extract concrete samples, measure reinforcement, and measure soil properties. [July 2015]

Pierre Coiron 2014 Graduation

Congratulations to Pierre Coiron for receiving his degree in Construction Engineering from Southern Polytechnic State University. Pierre also has a degree in Civil Engineering Technology (1994 – also from Southern Poly) as well as a degree in Business (1987) from Loyola University. Great job, Pierre! [July 2014]


Stability Engineering is on the Map  Just twenty miles east of downtown Atlanta, outdoors enthusiasts will find multiple projects for which Stability Engineering has completed the structural engineering, within one of the most unique natural resources in the Southeast. [July 2014]

Justin Downey

Stability Engineering is pleased to announce the hiring of Justin Downey as Structural Engineer.  Justin is a recent graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville where he worked with a team researching bridge rehabilitation. During his time with Stability, he has worked on a wide range of both commercial and residential projects involving wood, masonry, steel and concrete structures. Justin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering with a structural focus.  [June 2014]

Matt SmithStability Engineering is pleased to announce the hiring of Matthew Smith as Structural Engineer. Matthew recently received his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia. During his time at SPSU, Matthew was involved with the school’s ASCE chapter in addition to interning part time at Stability. These experiences afforded him the opportunity to supplement his education with real world application in design and project development. [May 2015]

Stability Engineer

Stability Engineering’s work is featured in the April-May issue of Georgia Engineering magazine. The article “Building Trails in the City” by Ed McBrayer (Executive Director and co-founder of the PATH Foundation) highlights how “Engineers and landscape architects are helping us transform these passed over strips of land” by using “innovative design techniques for bridging creeks, handling storm water, and protecting trees from damage during construction.”

See pages 30-32 of the magazine: the photo at the top of page 31shows our Rockdale River Phase B project, and the photo at the bottom of page 31 shows our Panola Greenway Trail project.  [May 2014]

Spring Newsletter 2014
Spring Newsletter 2014

 Dejan Miljenovic

Stability Engineering is pleased to announce the hiring of Dejan Miljenovic as Structural Designer.  Dejan has provided structural design and inspection services for Stability Engineering on a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial projects. His experience with installation and onsite monitoring has provided a background for site inspections and field work. Dejan has also helped to develop designs for wood, steel and masonry structures, including AutoCAD and REVIT drafting. Dejan is a graduate from the Technical College in Serbia.  [April 2014]


Stability Engineering is pleased to announce the hiring of Joshua Stevenson, as a Structural Engineer.Josh brings a diverse background, having worked in the media communications field before attending Southern Polytechnic State University for Civil Engineering where he was honored with the 2013 Civil Engineering award of Excellence and the President’s Distinguished Scholar Award. Josh takes pride in his dedicated work ethic and is always seeking opportunities to find creative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.Josh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Southern Polytechnic State University where he graduated at the top of his class, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Media Communications from Asbury University.  [August 2013]

 Janette Brock

Stability Engineering is pleased to announce the hiring of Janette Brock, as Office Manager.  Janette brings over 20 years of office management experience to the Stability staff.  Her experience on the corporate, legal, and non-profit levels provides organization, resourcefulness, and people skills to the everyday operations of the office, enhancing the service we provide to our clients.Janette holds a degree in Business Administration from Shorter University.  [July 2013]

Stability Engineering Analyze Tools   Stability Engineering creates tool to measure and analyze inaccessible roof beams, trusses and joists.